Let Me Bring Your Custom Design Idea to Life!

Hand-Crafted and Designed Just For You

Looking for a specific design or style of wreath or arrangement for your door, wall or even to display at your place of business? Is there an upcoming event in your life such as a birthday, a special celebration, a new house for you or want to do something special for someone?  Want a unique way to show your support as a fan for your favorite sports team?  Or want to show you love for your pet, or favorite character from a movie or tv show?  
Look no further, I love to create custom wreath designs after consulting with you and working out the basic details and then always strive to create something that completely exceeds and my customer's expectations so they absolutely love the end result of a beautiful and amazing wreath or arrangement.

So, let's make it happen! I will work with you throughout the process, beginning with your ideas and a budget discussion, we will share pictures and make sure that I understand everything that you are looking for and more.

To get started, scroll down on this page, which is designed to assist you in getting started in designing the wreath or arrangement by selecting the building blocks that you might want to include and then click the "Let's Touch Base" button to send me a message.

Together, we will discuss the basic design, and as I get the materials and begin the project, I will send pictures so that with your feedback of changes or adjustments, I will work hard to create the wreath or arrangement hopefully completely exceed your expectations. I always work on your design until you absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT and ensure it's done just how you want it before delivering or mailing it out to you.

When you are ready to move forward with a custom wreath or arrangement, a small deposit of $25 is required to place your order.  Select the
"Create my Custom Wreath" in the catalog. Your deposit will go towards the cost of the wreath, which will be based on the materials and time required.

Got an Idea? Start with these Building Blocks!


There are many different "Base" options to chose from for wreaths:
Grapevine Wreath Base
Evergreen Wreath Base
• Deco Mesh Wreath Frames Base
• Wire Frames Wreath Base for Burlap
• Styrofoam Wreath Base

There are different shapes, sizes and colors available as well in all base types.


There literally endless colors, shapes, and sizes of flowers that can be chosen to use in a wreath or arrangement.
-You can select a specific type of flower, such as roses, magnolias, sunflowers and request the colors you want as well.
You can also request specific colors and have me use a variety of flower types that will compliment the wreath or arrangement you are wanting to have me create.


Ribbon and/or a bow is another option to consider with your custom wreath or arrangement. Not all wreath have ribbon incorporated but can definitely be an beautiful detail in the style or design you are looking for. If you are wanting ribbon to be a design element, there are almost limitless material, colors, shape, size, and designs available for your selection. If you know you want ribbon but not sure what you want I am always more than happy to send some design ideas.


Another option to add to a wreath or arrangement that can be the foundation or focal point is a Signs or Specific Objects, such as, Welcome rustic sign, sports team logo sign, or a stuffed character like Hedwig the owl. There are so many option to select from, farmhouse, seasonal, holiday, characters, or special messages, awareness symbol. If you know the subject matter or message that you are looking for I am happy to send you some options to choose from or if you have a specific sign just let me know and I can incorporate it in the design.


Greenery is a major staple in floral wreaths and arrangements and there are tons of options to choose from.
Some of the current popular types are:
    - Evergreen or Pine
    - Willow leaves
    - Lambs ear branchs
   - Olive branches
   - Fern leaves
   - Box Wood  

   - Holly Leaves
There are tons shapes, sizes colors to chose. It looks great to use multiple types of greenery for texture and detail.


The decorative details can really take the wreath or arrangement to the next level and brings it to life. There are tons to chose from, everything from wicker pumpkins, to decorative eggs, snowmen, glittery swirls, stars, snowflakes and the list goes on.
Most of the time, once we establish the basic design idea I can suggest and build around that to propose some amazing complimentary decorative pieces to add dimension, shape and detail to your wreath or arrangement.
Make it Happen!
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